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Hardtack Boxes


Features: Period accurate boxes keeping in mind durability for our customers. Many historically accurate companies to choose from. Lid stops inside lid to keep lid from sliding off. It also helps to prevent warping.

NEW - Nails in lid to give the impression of a sealed box!

Hardtack not included - You'll have to make your own.

Material: Made out of white Pine. Utilizing cut nails and Exterior Grade Carpenter's Glue

Measurements: 24-1/2" long x 14-3/4" wide x 10-3/4" deep

Shipping Weight: 21lbs

Other Information: If desired: Rope Handles (1/2 Manila) (see note below) Note: Originals did not have rope handles. This item is created without handles, please specify if rope handles are desired and we will gladly include them for a nominal charge.

Historical Inspiration


hardtack box nails in lid detail
lid detail


Union Mechanical Baking Company

Union Mechanical without handles - $50.00

Union Mechanical with handles -$55.00


Robert Stears Company


Robert Stears without handles - $50.00

Robert Stears with handles - $55.00

Historical Inspiration


Kendall Bros. and Co.


Kendall Bros. and Co. without handles - $50.00

Kendall Bros. and Co. with handles - $55.00


Historical Inspiration

Photo provided by L.C.,descendant of the Kendall Brothers.